Internationale CACIL Zomercoursing 2020 (English)

2020 is a special year, because of the Covid19 crisis, far-reaching measures have been taken in all countries of the world to keep the virus in check. The situation surrounding the virus in the Netherlands is such that it is again possible to organize coursing matches. In doing so, we will of course observe the measures announced by the Dutch government. The most recent measures can be found on the website of the National Government.

As a participant or visitor to one of our coursings, you must of course adhere to the announced measures. At and around the coursing field, the WvCNL ensures that the measures can be followed up and enforces them. So always follow the instructions of WvCNL employees.

Due to the overwhelming number of registrations, the CACIL Zomercoursing will take place not only on Saturday, August 22, 2020, but also on Sunday, August 23. The competition will be held on our own site, the ice rink on the Nienoord estate, Nienoord 13-1KAN, 9351 AC Leek (navigation address: Schilhoek 2, 9351 AD, Leek).

The breed classification is as follows:
Saturday, August 22: Whippets and Saluki's
Sunday, August 23: all other varieties

The competition starts at 10:00, handing in course licenses and vet check-ups between 8:30 and 9:30.

The registration fee is € 17.50 for the first dog, € 15.00 for the second dog, all subsequent dogs from the same owner € 12.50. The program sheet costs € 1.00.

Registration for the 'Zomercoursing' is closed

It is possible to run a license run prior to the competition. The costs are € 5.00.

Registration closes at 8 p.m. on Wednesday, August 12, 2020, or when the maximum number of dogs to be registered has been reached.

When the official invittation is available, you can find it here.

To be eligible for the CACNL, you must submit proof of a EX-qualification at a championship exhibition at the minimum age of 15 months, together with the registration. This can be done by uploading it via the online registration form.

In order to compete for a CACIL, proof of at least a VG-qualification, obtained in an adult class at a CACIB exhibition, must be submitted with the registration. This can be done by uploading it via the online registration form.

You can unsubscribe until the registration date via the competition secretariat, by mail:, or by post: Competition secretary WvCNL, attn G. Nijkamp, ​​Hohenhorst 7, D-49828 Neuenhaus, Germany, or Fax: 0049 5941 920648

On the day before the competition there will be a training for non-participating dogs from approximately 4 pm.

It is not possible to stay overnight at our coursing site in Leek, information about camping options can be found here