FCI European Coursing Championship 2021

Ronostrand, Een, The Netherlands
21-24 October 2021

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Camping Ronostrand 

The ECC2021 will take place at and around Camping Ronostrand

Camping Ronostrand website

There will be two tracks on the sandy beach and one ‘green’ track on a large meadow next to the camping


Catering will be available in the Ronostrand restaurant and at several places on the camping.

Central ceremony field

All official events will take place at the ‘Central ceremony field’, close to the Ronostrand entrance


Next to the beach you can visit the ‘Stand avenue’, to buy anything you wish for your dogs


Camping Ronostrand is an exceptionally luxurious ECC ground, all necessary and thinkable services are available. All camping spots are accessible to caravans, campers and tents and will be including electricity, use of toilets and showers, free WiFi (if within reach), taxes, persons and of course all dogs you take.

Camping information

Ronostrand has a limited number of lodges available for rent. Please contact Ronostrand directly for more information.

For other accommodation (e.g. hotels) please contact the Tourist Info Drenthe in Roden:
Brink 31
9301 JK Roden
+31 50 50 18 851

Tourist Info Roden

Camping reservation has closed on August 28th

Tourist Information

Where to go in your spare time?


On an half hour drive you find the city of Groningen.
Groningen is the capital city of the Dutch province Groningen.
You can visit the Martini Tower. Or just go to one of the bars in this student city.

Tripadvisor Groningen

Also on an half hour drive you find the city of Assen, the capital city of the Dutch province Drenthe.

Tripadvisor Assen

In the nearby town Roden you can go for supplies. Roden also has some nice restaurants.

Tripadvisor Roden

– Albert Heijn, Schoolstraat 13, 9301 KB Roden
– Jumbo, Heerestraat 92, 9301 AH Roden
– Lidl,  Westerbaan 7, 9301 AX Roden
– ALDI, Padkamp 23, 9301 AW Roden

Pet Shops

– Pets Place, Heerestraat 7, 9301 AC Roden
– Jumper, Westeresch 7, 9301 ZW Roden

Bakery shops

– Bakkerij van Esch, Albertsbaan 23, 9301 KS Roden
– Echte Bakker de Korenaar, Heerestraat 15, 9301 AC Roden
– Bakker Bart, Heerestraat 112, 9301 AH Roden


– Diergeneeskundig Centrum Hopmans, Groene Zoom 2, 9301 SJ Roden
– Dierenartsenpraktijk Roden, Ceintuurbaan Noord 105d, 9301 NT Roden

Weekly markets

– Roden, every Friday 8.00 till 18.00
– Norg, every Wednesday, 13.00 till 17.00
– Peize, every Thursday, 13.00 till 17.00


– Bella Sardegna, Ristorante & Pizzeria, Wilhelminastraat 25, 9301 AJ Roden
– Restaurant Eten&Drinken ‘Kom Maar Binnen’, Heerestraat 38, 9301 AH Roden
– Restaurant Cuisinerie Mensinge, Mensingheweg 1, 9301 KA Roden
– Chinees Indisch Restaurant “Good Fortune”, Wilhelminastraat 26, 9301 AK Roden
– Snackbar De Smulpaap, Raadhuisstraat 26, 9301 AB Roden
– Domino’s Pizza Roden, Raadhuisstraat 22, 9301 AB Roden

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