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Evenement gecancelled

With the announcement of the new Corona measures in the Netherlands, it has become clear that the 'Herfstcoursing 2020' cannot take place.

With pain in our hearts, but of course understanding for the situation in the Netherlands, the 'Herfstcoursing' has been canceled.
Of course, the training on Friday 16 October on the Ronostrand will also be canceled.

The Ronostrand is open as a campsite, all guests who would normally stay overnight for the coursing are still welcome at the campsite at the reduced rate. The Camping restaurant is open for takeout.

This also ends the 2020 season for the WvCNL. It was a special year, unfortunately with few bright spots. But let's be grateful for the training and coursings that we were able to organize.

Thank you very much to everyone for everything and see you in a hopefully better 2021.